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Get your leads synched between tools Funny story, a couple years ago I was using Hubspot for marketing and sales actions. And tbh, it was kind of a shit show. We added all leads into Hubspot that were subscribed to our newsletter or downloaded some of our free content, but we were also adding Hubspot […]

How to attract top talent in competitive industries

So, what does this approach look like exactly? What is it that recruiters need to do to grab the attention of the cream of the industry crop? We happen to help recruitment teams across 49 countries (and counting), attract and hire the best talent around every day. How do we/they do it? First up, you’ve […]

Inhouse Design Thinking – How I deal with it?

After an experience in supporting companies in the creation of innovative user-centric services, I joined a large industrial group When we talk about digital products or interfaces, we get more concentrated on visual elements such as illustrations, buttons, animations, colors and