Why to invest in kosovo real estate

Why to invest in kosovo real estate

Kosovo is in the European Union. This means that it’s part of Europe and has all the benefits of Europe’s legal system, currency and trade regulations.

Kosovo is in Europe, but not part of the EU (yet). This means that it has all the benefits of Europe’s legal system and trade regulations, but without being obligated to pay the EU membership fee. Kosovo’s economy is growing rapidly due to its stable government and strong currency. These are both great reasons why you should invest in Kosovo real estate.

Kosovo does not offer citizenship to residents.

While you can own property in Kosovo, you cannot actually become a resident of Kosovo, nor can you obtain citizenship. Therefore, there is no opportunity to gain residence through property ownership, as would be the case in Portugal and Bulgaria.

However, if your goal is simply to invest in real estate and enjoy your property as a vacation home or rental income investment – this shouldn’t pose any issue! (Or if you wished to live part-time then you would simply enjoy a residency permit.)

The process for obtaining residency permits runs similar to that of other European countries. You first must obtain your initial visa from the nearest Kosovar embassy, which then allows you to enter Kosovo and apply for temporary residence. (Croatia also requires this step.) After having resided for around one year on temporary residence visas, applicants may apply for more permanent status in the country.

Property for sale in Kosovo is taxed at as low as 7%.

Other countries tax their citizens with a rate up to 50% of their income.

But even if you’re not a Kosovar citizen, buying a property in Kosovo still means much less spending on taxes. The reason is that the property tax is calculated only on the value of the land, and not on the building itself. So depending on how big your property is and how tall your building is, you can be taxed with as low as 7% of its value.

It is an affordable place to live.

In general, real estate in Kosovo is very affordable. Prices are lower than in other European countries, and you get more for your money. In addition to real estate prices, other factors that make living in the country attractive include a low cost of living and low taxes.

Investing in property in Kosovo can be a safe, secure way to get an income

Investing in property in Kosovo can be a safe, secure way to get an income.

Kosovo is one of the fastest growing countries in the region with a business-friendly tax regime and level playing field for foreign investors. Foreign investors enjoy equal treatment as local ones, including incentives such as exemption from customs duties on import of raw materials and machinery; special export/import regime; free transfer of profits abroad and so on.

Kosovo has a legal system that regulates property relations which operates based on market economy principles. Property rights are protected by law and enforced by the court system.

The European Union has demonstrated its support for Kosovo’s economic development through financial assistance programs, including grants supporting emerging SMEs, credit lines and investment guarantees in order to improve access to finance for small businesses.

The cost of living index is 58.77% lower than New York City! As such you can afford a higher standard of living while spending less money!

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